10 Wellness Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Create Quickly

10 Wellness Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Create Quickly

10 Wellness Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Create Quickly

What is a lead magnet?

In our blog post, “Attract New Patients/Clients with a Lead Magnet,” we talked about why creating an email list is such a powerful tool for wellness professionals who are interested in growing their businesses.  One of the best ways to build your email list is by giving away valuable content (a lead magnet) that causes your ideal client/patient to say, “YES!  I want that!”  In exchange for that valuable content, they give you their email address and share your (branded) content with family and friends.

What should my lead magnet be?

In my Move the Ball Calls with customers, I am commonly asked, “What should my lead magnet be?”.  The answer depends on what you offer, who your ideal patient/client is, and what you want that person to do after receiving the content you are sending.

After we work together to determine these answers, many customers find that they have already created something they can use as a lead magnet or that they at least know exactly what to create to attract ideal patients/clients who refer.  Below, I offer ten ideas (with examples) for wellness lead magnets that you can create quickly.  Remember, you can change your lead magnet as often as you wish.  You can even have multiple lead magnets for a variety of patient/client types or conditions.  So, it doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be valuable.

10 Wellness Lead Magnet Ideas (with examples) that you can create quickly!

  1. CHEAT SHEET – Create a cheat sheet like this one from Angela Hickey’s site; Home Made Extraordinary:

Cheat Sheet



  1. CHALLENGE – Create a challenge with a short duration and achievable results. Example: The 7-Day Detox Challenge or the 30-Day Challenge shown here:




  1. CHECKLIST – Create a list for better health like this travel wellness checklist.




  1. GUIDE – Construct a guide like the one below, highlighting yourself as a resource for a particular concern or condition.




  1. EBOOK – Create an eBook like this one from Karen Tyrrell:



  1. EVENT TICKET – Create tickets to give away for an in-person or virtual event/training on a popular topic.

Event Tickethttp://www.gfafwellnessevent.com/


  1. PRIVATE GROUP ACCESS – Offer private access to an online or in-office group.

Private Group Accesshttps://www.bepositivehealthandwellness.com/product/be-a-better-me-academy-february-2020/


  1. QUIZ- Offer a quiz to assess your health or wellness goals like this one:



  1. RECIPES – Offer a collection of your favorite recipes for health.




  1. RESOURCE LIST – Create a valuable resource list on a specific or timely topic or condition.

https://www.embolden-you.com/blog/2020/3/29/covid-19-resource-listResource List


OK, I know what I am going to use, now what?

Once you are clear on what type of lead magnet you will use and have it created, the next step is to share it.  Next month, we will bring you some great ideas about where to share your lead magnet to attract potential clients/patients and grow your email list.  Meanwhile, if you have questions about building an email list, building, promoting or delivering your lead magnet or anything related to building your wellness business, we can help.  Schedule a call that works for you here or visit us at AshleyNanney.com.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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