19 Effective Ways to Promote Your Wellness Lead Magnet

19 Effective Ways to Promote Your Wellness Lead Magnet

19 Effective Ways to Promote Your Wellness Lead Magnet


Last month we brought you 10 Wellness Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Create Quickly. Now that you have your lead magnet, it is time to promote it and start adding emails to your list! If you haven’t already, you will need to build an opt-in sequence to deliver your lead magnet. An opt-in sequence means that you develop a way for interested clients to exchange their email address for a free copy of your lead magnet. If you are not sure what that is or how to build it, schedule a call and we will help you out. Before you launch, be sure to test your opt-in sequence yourself to make sure everything is flowing properly.

But wait? Do I share my lead magnet more than once?

I can’t stress enough that you must share your content over and over on social media and your lead magnet is no exception. Social media changes quickly, making its “shelf life” very short. Your posts will stop reaching your audience within a few hours on most social media platforms. So, if you only post once, you’re not likely to capture your ideal client’s attention. Your offer is valuable, and you spent time and money getting it right. Let’s make sure it works for you. Here are some of the most effective ways to promote your wellness lead magnet.


19 effective ways to promote your wellness lead magnet:


Lead MagnetWays to promote your wellness lead magnet on your website:

  • Add an exit popup. An exit popup is an opt-in that pops up if a visitor is getting ready to leave your site. Exit popups can be very effective in attracting visitors to your offer and getting them to sign up, but they may not be the best SEO option.
  • Post your offer in the sidebar of your blog pages. This is particularly effective if you link to your blog in your social media efforts and your lead magnet is related to your content. You can also add the link throughout your content or in your author bio if relevant.
  • The footer of your website is another place to add an opt-in.
  • Adding your opt-in to your “About” page can be a nice way to highlight your offer. For example: Download my complete guide to XYZ here! Just make sure it relates to your “about” story.
  • Be sure to add your lead magnet to your resources page.

Ways to promote your wellness lead magnet on your social media accounts:

  • Take advantage of your bio on social sites. It is premium space! Include a short description in your bio about your lead magnet, so your potential clients know what they will receive when they click on the link.
  • Consider linking to your free opt-in landing page, (rather than your Home page) in your social media profiles or posts.
  • Pin your offer! Pin your lead magnet to the top of your Facebook or Twitter account for premium placement and attention.
  • Offer you lead magnet in your social media groups or in groups you belong to that allow self-promotion.
  • Add your lead magnet to the Media Section on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Use your lead magnet in your paid social media ads.
  • Create a video on your YouTube channel and promote your lead magnet in the description (by linking back to your landing page).

Other ways to promote your wellness lead magnet:

  • In your email signature block
  • With a QR code on the back of your business cards
  • Within your professional network
  • Write a guest blog post for someone else’s blog and highlight it in the post or in your author bio.
  • Offer it as an audience gift during speaking engagements.
  • Ask other professionals with complementary (not competitive) services if they’d like to offer it as a free bonus to their clients.
  • Promote it to your email list (even though they are already subscribed) and encourage your audience to share it with their friends and family.


SO, there you have it, 19 effective ways to promote your wellness lead magnet. It is time to start sharing. Don’t be afraid to share excerpts or tips directly from your lead magnet as a promotion. It is important to inspire curiosity and interest! Showing your potential clients what they can expect will earn your valuable trust and respect.

If you need help with Lead Magnets or the delivering and promoting of them, book a free call. We can help!

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