7 Steps to Creating a Sales Page that Converts New Patients

7 Steps to Creating a Sales Page that Converts New Patients

7 Steps to Creating a Sales Page that Converts

What is a sales page?

A sales page or landing page is a page on your website created to sell a specific product or service. The most successful sales pages are specific to the products and services you offer and speak directly to your ideal patients’ pain points (see our ideal patient avatar exercise here). We frequently add sales pages to our customers’ current websites. Some are front-facing, meaning they are visible to everyone who organically visits your website. Yet, many sales pages are hidden. A hidden sales page does not show up on your website; it is only accessible via a unique link you share to connect with a specific patient or group.

Why would I create a hidden sales page?

Simplify your sales processGood question! Let’s say that you have recently spoken to a local women’s group about natural remedies for balancing hormones.  Leading this group to your website for more information is likely too general.  Your website may not speak directly to this group’s specific concerns.  Your site may talk about the benefits of chiropractic care, nutrition or acupuncture. Still, it likely does not speak directly to the frustrations a hormonally imbalanced woman is feeling right now.  Creating a hidden sales page can change that by giving your group a page to land on that speaks directly to their needs.

How does a sales page allow me to reach a targeted group?

As healthcare professionals, we know our services can treat a variety of conditions. Take acupuncture for example. Acupuncture can treat many things, including hormone imbalance. However, if a potential patient arrives to your site interested in balancing hormones and sees that you offer acupuncture, they may or may not understand that acupuncture is a treatment that could solve their specific pain. By creating a sales page using the steps we offer below and directing the group of women with hormonal balance concerns to this particular page, you lead your audience to a page that speaks specifically and directly to them. Building a sales page that speaks directly to your potential patient builds trust in you as the solution to their pains. This exponentially increases the likelihood that they will become a patient and refer their friends. Connecting prospective patients to your hidden sales page rather than your general website makes your message clear, easy to understand and associates you as the solution to their problem.

So, how exactly do you build a sales page that attracts new patients?

Here are the seven steps we use that create conversion with our clients.

#1 – Identify the problem.

What is the problem your patient wants to solve?

  • Weight loss
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Sleeplessness


Clothes no longer fit

#2 – Provide visuals to connect them to that pain.

How is this problem causing pain in their life?  How is their life affected by this problem?

  • Clothes no longer fit
  • Miss out on time with family
  • Unable to enjoy an active life
  • Always running to the bathroom


#3 – Describe an ideal outcome.

How could their life improve without that pain?

  • A new wardrobe
  • Boundless energy
  • Living pain-free
  • Sleeping like a baby


#4 – Introduce your solution.

How can you help?  Why is your solution different/better than what they have tried?

  • Natural
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast-acting
  • Long-lasting
  • Lifestyle vs. diet
  • Proven results


#5 – Explain the benefits and results (NOT features).

How will your solution remove pain from their life?  Be specific: Together, we will do XYZ so you can live a life that is free of [pain points].


Showing Testimonials#6 – Provide social proof.

Use any element that builds trust, establishes connection and credibility and highlights results. These might include:

  • Case studies
  • Patient testimonials
  • Before-and-after pictures


#7 – Address objections.

Use an FAQ section to address objections before they arise.  What questions might your patient have before taking the next step?

  • Time commitment
  • Cost
  • Efficacy
  • Side effects
  • Guarantee


By following these seven steps, you will speak directly to your ideal patient’s pains, build trust with your patient and establish yourself and your services as the solution that will change their lives.

If you need help updating your presence and building a sales page that attracts potential patients and converts them into lifelong patients who refer, we are happy to help.  Contact us today at 314-799-0216 or info@vitalityconsultantsllc.com.  Or schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Ashley!

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