A Foundation to Get You Started in One-on-One Group Visits

A Foundation to Get You Started in One-on-One Group Visits

Thank you for your interest in using The Official Anti-Inflammatory Diet Masterclass course as a foundation for conducting remote and group visits.  Click here to download the Group Visits eBook if you have not done so already.

During the COVID-19 restrictions while patients are required to stay home, we are forced to think outside of the box to provide solutions.  This is the PERFECT time to take the concepts below and create remote group visits.  This article and the free eBook provided will explain what group visits are and how to conduct them in office.  If you are not clear how to do this virtually, we are happy to help, just hop on our schedule for a free 30-minute call.

Are you spending valuable time answering questions during appointments when you could be serving new patients?  Do you struggle to keep a steady stream of patient referrals?  Consider Group Visits!  Group Visits address patient concerns by providing the extra time, information, tools and support your patient needs.  These visits can reduce the patients’ overall healthcare costs, increase their satisfaction and empower their success. They can also dramatically increase your referrals!  A well-structured group visit provides patient education and group discussion around a common condition or dietary concern.  Here’s an example: Think inflammation.  Considering almost every patient experiences the ill effects of chronic inflammation, choosing a broad topic creates the opportunity to reach a wide patient group.

And what’s in it for you?  You are no longer wasting time, money and energy repeating and delivering the same educational content to every patient who walks through your door. Engaging your patient in groups allows a unique process to occur. Patients start to share valuable information and insights with one another. They are naturally more suggestible to valuable health information and feel psychologically empowered in a group setting.

I have created a course as a foundation to get you started in one-on-one or Group Visits.  In this course, we address the common condition: inflammation with a common interest: Food!   The Official Anti-Inflammatory Diet Masterclass is a self-study course that offers you a pre-designed framework for your Group Visits.  Each patient moves through the course at their own pace from the comfort of their home.  You host a monthly meeting in your office for patients and their support system. (This brings family and friends to your office to fall in love with you and your services so they become patients.)  During the group visit, you either expand on the topics included in the course or talk about your treatment options and support products that also reduce inflammation or create balance in the body.

The course will help patients learn how their diet is contributing to their condition, and know exactly what changes to make and how to make them.  It will also provide them with over 500 anti-inflammatory recipes that are easy to make and taste great as they were designed by a professional chef.

The Group Visit will expand on their learning, provide peer support and allow you to answer any questions or concerns they have.  We also offer a 30-Day Anti-Inflammatory Challenge cookbook that provides your patients everything they need to try the lifestyle if they are hesitant or want more information.

Most practitioners simply say I would like to see you following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, it will help support the work we are doing here during your appointments.  Would you like for me to prescribe our anti-inflammatory course and have you attend our monthly group visit?  That way you will have all the information, resources and recipes you need to start feeling a difference in health and your XYZ condition.

When you inform the patient that they should start and follow the course at a pace that is comfortable for them. Request that they write down any questions, concerns, or thoughts and bring them to the Group Visit.

This course retails for $197 if the patient were to purchase it outside your office.  Your patient only pays $50 to us, you keep the rest.  This $50 includes lifetime access as well as technical support.  Here is how some practitioners are charging:

  • Package Deals- Design three packages (built from your current offerings). You may include: the course, group visits and individual visits, and charge a one-time fee.
  • Just charge for the cost. Set your own price between $50- $197 and offer free group visits as a way to attract new patients.
  • Charge a monthly fee that includes access to the course, group visits and private consultations.
  • If you are a SHAPE ReClaimed Practitioner conducting remote or office visits, your package might include the course, the SHAPE Drops, support products, individual consultation, urinalysis and group visits. (If you are not a SHAPE Practitioner, check out this incredible turn-key program here SHAPEReClaimed.com)

We are happy to help you construct packages or pricing plans that match your practice.

Click here to download the Group Visits eBook.  Contact us for more information or to obtain copies of the 30-Day Anti-Inflammatory Challenge cookbook.

If you need support incorporating this in your practice or want to learn more about The Official Anti-Inflammatory Diet Masterclass, schedule a 30-minute call with me here to learn more at no cost.  During the call, we will map a plan of action so you know exactly what to do to roll this out in your practice after you review the course and decide if it is right for you.

I look forward to helping you treat more patients, more efficiently while creating more income for your practice.

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