Coronavirus Lemons Make Great Lemonade!

Coronavirus Lemons Make Great Lemonade!

The Coronavirus may be hitting some small businesses in the wallet.  As a wellness practitioner, this might be the perfect time for you to increase your revenue.

Let me explain.

Many of your current and prospective patients are scared or at least concerned about the threat of the virus.  In marketing it is important that you understand your customers pain points or fears. In this case, they are afraid of getting sick. These patients are looking for a preventative solution and this is where you shine!  Position yourself as the expert in prevention by offering your services.  Consider an email campaign or Facebook ad to get the message out.  Here is a great example from Dr. Thom Rodgers:


“Re: Coronavirus

It is impossible to ignore reports about the current situation with the Coronavirus and its effects on individuals, communities and countries worldwide.

There are many ways you can assist your immune system naturally and we have options available.

We are offering 10- and 15-minute phone sessions to test for the best immune system support options for you from our arsenal of top-quality natural products.

Call or email today to schedule.”


Take action on this today by writing your advertisement and getting it in front of an interested audience that is actively searching for you!  If you need help developing a campaign that matches your practice offerings, we would be happy to help you.  Meanwhile, get the ice out and let’s make some lemonade!



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