Grow Your Practice with Group Visits

Grow Your Practice with Group Visits

In our recent blog, Your Wellness Business Should Be Booming! we talked about the two questions you must be able to answer to pivot your business during coronavirus: “How do I conduct remote visits (aka Telemedicine)?” and “How can I attract new patients using online group visits?”

Today, let’s focus on Action Item #6:

Group Visits

Remember this action item? If so, skip below to “How Exactly Do I Manage a Group Visit?”

With patients sitting at home, feeling bored and scared, this is the PERFECT time to create remote group visits. For example, assume everyone in the group has inflammatory issues. They take an online course on reducing inflammation at their own pace from the comfort and safety of their home and attend online group visits that provide the socialization and support they need.

How we will help:

  • Download the free Group Visit eBook here where we explain this concept in depth.
  • If you need support incorporating group visits in your practice or have questions, schedule a 30-minute call with Ashley here to learn more at no cost.


How Exactly Do I Manage a Group Visit?

Choose a topic: You want to build your group visit around a broad topic so that it connects with a wide patient group. For example, we’ll choose inflammation with a common interest—food! Almost every patient experiences the ill effects of chronic inflammation, but not everyone knows how to eat to keep inflammation down.

If you choose inflammation as your topic, here are a couple of resources to use as your group visit framework:

  • 30-Day Anti-Inflammatory Challenge – This book teaches the rationale behind anti-inflammatory eating, provides a 30-day menu and gives you tools to reduce inflammatory symptoms. It is a great resource for patients with inflammation.
  • The Official Anti-Inflammatory Diet Masterclass – A self-study online course to help patients learn how their diet is contributing to their condition, know exactly what changes to make and how to make them. It will also provide them with over 500 anti-inflammatory recipes that are easy to make and taste great as they were designed by a professional chef. (For more information on incorporating this in your practice or want to learn more, schedule a 30-minute call with Ashley here at no cost. During the call, she will map a plan of action so you know exactly what to do to roll this out in your practice after you review the course and decide if it is right for you.) Note: The price you see on the link above is not even close your price, it simply reflects the value of the course.

Schedule: You can start by inviting patients to join the group visit in your telemedicine appointments. You can say, “In the middle of this health crisis, I am inviting patients to join me in taking action to eat well and stay active in achieving your health goals”.  We are offering a series of group visits using our online anti-inflammatory course as a base. You can take the course at your own pace and we will all come together electronically each week to discuss our progress, questions and what you’ve learned with others following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.”

You can also use your website, email and social media to get the word out that you’re doing group visits. Here is a ready-to-post ad you can use:

Conduct visits weekly or monthly and find a time that works for most people. Right now is a great time to start because many patients’ calendars are wide open. Encourage patients to invite friends and family as support. (These people may become patients, too!)

Be sure to send email or text reminders regularly with meeting times and encourage patients to come with questions and victory stories to share.

Discussion: During your group visit, expand on the topics included in the book or course, talk about your treatment options and support products that reduce inflammation or troubleshoot problem areas patients are experiencing and how they can create balance in their life. The group visit will expand their learning, provide peer support and allow you to answer questions or concerns they have.

Pricing: There are many different ways of pricing group visits. One way is to design a package that includes the cost of their book or course plus 3-4 group visits. Ashley is happy to help you construct packages or pricing plans that match your practice.

Engaging patients in a group format provides the socialization and support they need. It also allows a unique process to occur. When patients start to share valuable information and insights with one another, they are naturally more suggestible to valuable health information and feel psychologically empowered.


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