Meet Our Incredible Team


Social Media Master

Ann is our trusted office and media manager. Ann makes sure you have what you need when you need it. She’s our office super-mom! Ann coordinates our writing and social media team, ensuring your social media projects are on track and successful. Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you; she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business. Just ask Microsoft, her company for many years as she raised her three children. They even made working from home a “thing” to keep her on board way before it was cool. Ann is passionate about wellness and is a two-time cancer survivor!


Project Wrangler

Tina is our rock-star wrangler. She works with you and our entire team to keep the details of your project organized, on time and on budget. Her 14 years of project management experience ensures you are in great hands. Tina has supported both large and small companies, including Restoration Hardware, U-Line, AT&T and more. Tina has a passion for wellness. She is a part-time Level 2 Crossfit Instructor, Level 2 Mobility Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and has a master’s degree in Sports Medicine.


Web Ninja

Nancy takes great pride in her work. She makes notes in the code to cover you if you ever work with another designer in the future. She makes videos to help you learn your system, if desired, and has helped small businesses grow their online presence since the beginning of my time. Nancy has a passion for wellness and enjoys outdoor adventures with her family.


Story Extractor

Lisa is our incredibly talented visual designer. Her video and photography production skills are unparalleled in the business industry. Perhaps this is because she has a deep interest in fully uncovering how you want yourself and your business to be “seen.” She even has a podcast on the subject. Lisa comes from New England, where wellness services are simply a way of life. Offering everything from headshots to full production video and bumpers, you will not find anyone more passionate about extracting your story.


Creative Genius

Michelle is nothing short of a creative genius! Whether she is creating a single image design or a complete rebrand, her ability to articulate your story visually is incredible to witness. With a passion for health and wellness, she is passionate about healing our communities one image at a time.


SEO Wizard

Kate is our SEO decoding weapon. Kate has serious superpowers when it comes to showing up on Google and other search engines. She has been perfecting her mad skills since 2004, when she discovered that most business owners do not know how to drive traffic to their website. Back then, not many business owners had bought into the idea that every business needed a website, and practically no one knew what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was. Today she is an expert in the area of SEO. It is her jam. Our team doesn’t even bother trying to keep up with the CONSTANT changes in algorithms that affect web traffic and social media efficacy. We rely on our superpower Kate to make the magic happen.