Ramp Up Your Strategy

Ramp Up Your Strategy

We are in the last few weeks of our Immunity and Prevention Campaign. Regardless of where you are in your process, be assured we are here to continue to step up to help you really engage patients and grow your practice!

This post will focus on:

Ramping up your social media accounts.

Potential patients will stalk you! Ok, maybe that sounds extreme, but think of it this way: It’s like a blind date to check out some doctor you don’t even know just because your bestie Barbara says you should totally check them out! You want more info; you want to check this doc out and see what’s in it for you. So, you do a little social media research. It happens… A LOT. Especially when the government keeps you tethered to your home in a panic, you catch my drift? Make sure your presence is strong, the solutions you offer are clear and you are providing valuable information. Your potential patients are panicking and looking for the solutions you offer RIGHT NOW!

How we will help:

If you are not sure if you have the right social media strategy for your practice, or if you don’t have a strategy at all, schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me here to map a plan.


A SUPER cool example:

So, several of our associates are out there growing their presence on social media using Facebook Live.  Check out this great example from Dr. Linzi Saigh here.

Unsure how to offer a Facebook Live Video? No problem. Follow these steps:

  • How to: Live Video on Facebook
    • Login to your Facebook
    • Click Create Post or in the Create Post box that reads “What’s on your mind?”
    • Choose Live Video
    • When you are prepared, click the blue button Start Live Video
    • Click Finish to end your live video.
  • You can also record a video of yourself if you do not want to record live.
    • You can post the video to your social media.

Pro tip:  Put the video on your professional Facebook and LinkedIn pages and share it on your personal page.  Ask your community to share it as well.  This is how it will be seen without running an expensive campaign.


GO LIVE!  Your potential patients are watching!


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