Step Up Your Google Search to Grow Your Practice

Step Up Your Google Search to Grow Your Practice

We hope, during these uncertain times, to encourage you to continue moving your practice forward. Our team has been working hard to help you engage your existing patients and grow your business. Here, we have even more to share with you.


It’s time to focus on:  Stepping up your Google Search.

We offered you suggestions to make sure both you (your name) and your practice are being found online in our blog post The biggest fail many practitioners are making in their business.  If you are taking on this action item, it is worth reading.


Dr. Emily Hecker’s awesome approach:

Dr. Hecker knows how important Google Reviews are to her online presence. She has taken action by simply asking for these important reviews. She requests reviews by changing the language to every blog entry and patient invoice and when she posts to her social media pages.

Here is the language she is using:

Help my Small Business (and others!) out. Small businesses are impacted greatly from this and I encourage you to shop local and support us. If you know someone who wants to impact their health positively during these tumultuous times, connect me with them! You can help my practice survive (and others that you love!) by doing a few things:

  1. Follow me on social media and share/comment on my posts. I am active on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can find me when searching @DrEmilySTL or Enlighten Functional Medicine.
  2. Leave a review on Google Maps (from your phone) and Facebook. Your testimonial reviews matter more than you can imagine to a small business! I created video tutorials a few years ago on exactly HOW to do this when I was helping other businesses I love rank better on search engines.
    1. Review on Google:
    2. Review on Facebook:

Here is a post she has on her Facebook page challenging viewers to review OTHER businesses.  It has increased HER reviews as well:
Take this simple step to ask for reviews and increase your google presence today!

Reminder: As a sign of solidarity in helping your practice grow, we are offering a bonus to help invest in your practice.  We will provide you a free 15-minute consultation with Ashley to help you engage your existing patients and grow your business. Simply book here now and start preparing questions for your call.

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