The World Is At A Standstill, But Your Wellness Business Should Be Booming!

The World Is At A Standstill, But Your Wellness Business Should Be Booming!

The world is at a standstill, but your wellness business should be booming. If you are not experiencing a flood of new patients during this time, then you are not marketing yourself correctly. Or worse, you are not marketing yourself at all. We are here to help. We have compiled a list of action items for you to attract new patients, engage former patients and explode your growth. Now is the time to take action!

Start by choosing one of the 7 action items below. We challenge you to move through each one over the next few months. We hope that your schedule becomes so full that you might not make it through all 7 (not a terrible reason to fail a challenge, right?). As a sign of solidarity in helping your practice grow, we are offering three huge bonuses with this challenge.

The Challenge:

Grab your calendar.

Schedule an appointment with yourself.

Choose one action item from the list below and get started!

The Bonus:

We are investing in your practice!

We will offer a free 15-minute call to help you with any task you choose. Simply book here now: for any time through the end of April. Space will be limited, so if you are not serious about taking action, don’t book. If you are ready to act, book a 15-minute appointment now and start preparing questions for your call.

Enough about our part, let’s talk about yours…

Your Seven Action Items:

  1. Audit your website. Now is the time patients are looking for the solution you offer! Prevention, wellness, a roadmap to health and immune protection. If your website does not spell out the following clearly and simply, take action to correct this as soon as possible while potential patients are at home searching for you.
    • State your patients’ pain points: Are you feeling XYZ? Check out how we helped the Rosen’s achieve this on their site here.
    • A clear statement positioning your practice as their solution.
    • A clear call to action. What exactly should they do next? For example: Schedule a call now, Book your appointment today.
    • A valuable offer that captures their email address. This offer could be an eBook, checklist, coupon for a free service, etc.

How we will help:

    • Not sure how to make these changes? Schedule a 15-minute call with a professional marketing consultant here, and we will audit your website with you. We will cover the cost.
    • Read our article on how to audit your website here: 10 Website Corrections You Must Make.


  1. Step up your Google Search. We see so many practitioners with errors in their online listings or worse, no listing at all. If patients searching for preventative solutions or options for restoring their health can not find you, your business will not thrive! Google yourself, google your practice, and start claiming your space in patients’ minds!

 How we will help:


  1. Ramp up your social media accounts. Potential patients will stalk you! Ok, maybe that sounds extreme, but think of it this way: It feels like a blind date to check out some doctor you don’t even know just because your bestie Barbara says you should totally check them out! You want more info; you want to check this doc out and see what’s in it for you. So, you do a little social media research. It happens… A LOT. Especially when the government keeps you tethered to your home in a panic, you catch my drift? Make sure your presence is strong, the solutions you offer are clear and that you are providing valuable Your potential patients are panicking and looking for the solutions you offer RIGHT NOW!

How we will help:

    • If you are not sure if you have the right social media strategy for your practice, or if you don’t have a strategy at all, schedule a 15-minute call with a professional marketing consultant here to map a plan. We will cover the cost.
    • We have created an entire immunity campaign for you! Featuring ready-to-post Facebook ads, Instagram ads, blog posts, sample Facebook live posts and more! Check them out here and start posting!


  1. Build your blog. Your social media efforts should lead patients to your well-designed website to learn more. This is where offering valuable, engaging content is vital! Now is the time to highlight things your patient can do from home to increase prevention and restore their health. If you don’t have a blog, we can help get you started.

How we will help:


  1. Make it your thing! All over the news, you will see more and more doctors offering their services electronically. Your potential patients will happily see you without leaving their home! Promote this as an affordable, safe way to protect their family, boost immunity and stay well. Many of our practitioners already offer this solution, and you can, too. Facetime, Zoom, Skype or a simple phone call work well.

Start by calling every one of your past patients. Imagine how loved and supported they will feel when their doctor takes the time to say, “Hi, I haven’t seen you in a while, and with everything going on with the Coronavirus, I just wanted to check-in and make sure you are doing ok.” Follow up by saying, “If you or anyone you love could use the support right now, I am offering visits by phone. Here is how to schedule.”

 How we will help:

    • If you need support constructing a plan for your practice, or choosing the right technology, schedule a 15-minute call with a professional marketing consultant here to map a plan. We will cover the cost.
    • Learn more about working with remote patients: Tips for Working with SHAPE Patients Remotely


  1. Start a remote group visit. We explain the concept of group visits in-depth in this eBook. With patients sitting at home, feeling bored and scared, this is the PERFECT time to take these concepts and create remote group visits. For example, assume everyone in the group has inflammatory issues. They take an online course on reducing inflammation at their own pace from the comfort and safety of their home and attend online group visits that provide the socialization and support they need.

 How we will help:

    • Download the free eBook here.
    • If you need support incorporating this in your practice, or have questions, schedule a 30-minute call with Ashley here to learn more at no cost.


  1. Create a free offer. Giving builds trust. It creates value. It causes people to pay attention and remember you. Your patients will absolutely forget you if you do not make a concerted effort to stay at the forefront of their minds. Think about valuable service or information you can give to your patients for free.

Dr. Beth Bartlett runs a SHAPE practice in Chicago. THIS WEEK she offered a free acupuncture session with an anti-inflammatory soup for anyone interested in boosting their immunity. She had eight patients that day!

An eBook is an excellent way to offer valuable information and capture email addresses. You can create an eBook for little to no cost and just a few hours of time, creating a return on that investment for years to come. This offer should be everywhere: the back of your business card, in your elevator pitch, email signatures, featured on your website, everywhere.

How we will help:


About the Author:

Ashley Nanney: Experienced Chief Executive Officer at Vitality Consultants LLC with a demonstrated history of business consulting within the health, wellness, functional medical and food industries. Skilled in coaching, consulting, public speaking and event management. Strong entrepreneurship professional, author and professional public speaker.

If you are looking for assistance, guidance or execution in DIY marketing, branding or business strategy, Ashley provides affordable solutions and suggestions.

Call 314-799-0216, email, or click here to schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs.


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