Top Ten Tips For Getting Your Emails Opened

Top Ten Tips For Getting Your Emails Opened

Are you creating an email list that not only keeps you in touch with your current patients (or customers) but also brings new business your way? If not, you are missing a HUGE opportunity.

A 2018 Salesforce study showed that email marketing has an average ROI (return on investment) of 3,800%! That is a fantastic statistic. Think of it this way: For every dollar you spend on email marketing, your average return should be $38. That said, this is only the case if your customers are actually opening the emails you send.

The best way to ensure that your emails are opened is to provide relevant, valuable content and information they will use, such as recipes, mobility tips, ways to increase wellness, etc. Creating high-value content will not only improve your open rate, but it will also increase the likelihood that they share your email with potential new customers.

But wait, lets back up a minute. You must make sure your customer receives your email in the first place. It is essential that you know the Top Ten Tips for Getting Your Emails Opened. To make sure your customers are receiving, opening and clicking through on your emails, follow these action steps:

  1.  Use Merge Tags to personalize your email. Merge tags (also known as personalization or data tags) allow you to customize your email campaigns. For example, adding your customer’s first name in the email can grab their attention and add that personal touch. Most email marketing providers offer this service, but my personal favorite is MailerLite. It is the most affordable, robust and user-friendly email management program I have ever used. It’s entirely free until you reach 1,001 subscribers. After that, prices are still incredibly affordable. Check it out here:
  2. Add video to your email. According to a Campaign Monitor study, adding video can increase your open rate by as much as 19%! Your video does not have to be fancy or complicated, just use your smartphone to capture yourself, your support staff or customers in action. You can also link to a YouTube video you find particularly helpful. Just remember, make it valuable!
  3. Optimize your email content for mobile users. More than half of your customers check their email on the go. Bluehornet estimates that 80% of mobile users will delete your content if it is not mobile-friendly. Your web provider can likely do this for you. If you do not have a website, feel free to contact me (at no charge) and I will recommend a DIY option you can manage yourself.
  4. Send your emails from a verified domain. You are less likely to be perceived as spam when you send emails from domains that do not end in,,, etc. This also ensures that others can’t use your domain without permission. Not sure how to do this? Again, a simple search of the term “verify domain” in your email campaign provider’s search bar should put you on the right path.
  5. Ask subscribers to add you to their Safe Senders List. This prevents your emails from being blocked or routed to Spam/Junk folders. Just offering this reminder as a tagline in your emails can make a difference for interested subscribers.
  6. Make opting-out easy. Your emails should always include a quick, straightforward way for users to opt-out of receiving your emails. This prevents you from being reported as spam or abuse. Many email providers, including MailerLite, offer this option.
  7. Email only those people who have subscribed to your list. You can ask your patients to sign up on your website while they are checking out or directly at an event. Avoid manually adding subscribers to your list, unless absolutely necessary. Know that buying email lists from third-party providers and uploading them can result in your account being frozen.
  8. Pick a strategic time to send your emails. According to MailChimp, your customers are more likely to open your email on weekdays around 10:00 a.m. This means you may want to consider scheduling your delivery for a specific day at this time. As time goes on, check your analytics to see if changing your time or day makes a difference in your open rate. Whatever you choose, be consistent. You want your customers to be able to anticipate their next valuable piece of information.
  9. Make your subject line stand out. Ask yourself, “Would I open that?” Be sure to invite curiosity so your customers feel compelled to open your email. An honest, friendly, conversational tone is better received than a formal one. Want to know the subject line of our most opened email? “Well folks, we screwed up!” Our open rate was ten times higher than usual and our sales doubled that week!
  10. Avoid words commonly caught by spam filters. If you’re not sure what the words might be, check out this list of over 450 words that trigger a spam alert:

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