What is a Monthly Move-the-Ball Call?

What is a Monthly Move-the-Ball Call?

“My monthly Move-the-Ball calls with Ashley Nanney have kept me focused on growing my business. I tripled (my business) in two years and hired my first employees.”

Move-the-Ball Call

As business owners, we often become so busy working IN our business that the time we spend working ON our business can be less productive than we planned. Sure, checking email and clearing off our desks is important. But what if you (and your team) knew exactly what to accomplish each month to keep new patients or clients coming in? 

These once-per-month, 30-minute calls can literally transform your wellness business.


“We had our best year in 30 years, and it was during 2020 when many of my colleges were struggling! We are literally on track to double by next year.”


“I get more direction and actionable ideas in 30 minutes – plus incredible support – than I have across months of working with other people. Ashley, you are the wind beneath my wings.”


Move-the-Ball calls allow you dedicated time and a clear monthly strategy to grow your business, avoid overspending and achieve results. Your calls are designed to map achievable steps to ensure a solid path to attracting new clients.

Move the Ball calls

You will leave each Move-the-Ball call knowing exactly:

  • Where to focus your time (and/or your team if you have one)
  • When and when NOT to outsource
  • What free and inexpensive solutions are available
  • Who your ideal client/patient is
  • How to attract lifelong clients/patients who happily refer

Calls are generally 30 minutes in length and conducted by phone. You can meet with Ashley 1:1, with a partner or with the entire team for no additional cost.

There is no contract and no obligation. Calls are scheduled over six months to ensure you have time on Ashley’s calendar to meet your needs. If you can’t make an appointment or decide to cancel, shoot us an email. We offer simple online scheduling allowing you to cancel or reschedule if preferred. You are charged on a per-appointment basis, so you can add additional time or appointments if needed. Pay by credit card, Square Checkout Link or Venmo.

So, how do you get started? If you are still determining if these calls are right for you, Click here to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to find out. If you are ready to schedule monthly calls, Ashley’s Office Manager, Ann, can help you get on a recurring schedule. Contact Ann at info@vitalityconsultantsllc.com. Again, no worries if you can’t make a scheduled call; let us know 24 hours in advance, and there will be no charge.


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